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Nelson Reed 8/04B speaker

Nelson Reed 804B speaker with front on

Nelson Reed 8-04B speaker tweeter and midrange

Nelson Reed 8-04B woofers

Back of Nelson Reed 8-04b speaker.

March 2010
I no longer have my Nelson Reeds and can't offer anymore information than what you see on this site. I won't be updating the site in the future. If you want to adopt and update this site, let me know. Andy Mansker

Allen is seeking part #s for 8-04cm drivers. If you can help, please email him at:

I recently purchased a pair of Nelso reed 8/04B speakers (also known as Nelson Reed 804B) and couldn't find much information online. I did find one owner that was helpful - thanks Wolfgang. I'm posting this information as a public service and to retain historical data on audio equipment.

If you want to use these images or PDF files, please email me for permission.

These Nelson Reed speakers came with a flyer, data sheet, manual and Stereophile review dated April 1988. I scanned these for other Nelson Reed owners. You can download them here >


Driver Replacement

The bass speakers are from Volt (professional speaker company, also used in PMC speakers), the midrange is the famous ATC 75 unit (costs more than 300 GBP!). The tweeter is also the same I have, I think Scan Speak.


I found the make of the tweeters (804). They are Scan Speak d2008/8512. If you ever need one they are still available on line for $64.50

~ Steve H.

I owned a pair of NR 804’s, which I sequentially upgraded to 804B, then 804C, then 804CM.  For my money, the 804B was the best of the lot.  It could be driven nicely with 40 wpc of tube power (I used a CJ MV50 at the time), while the increasingly complex xover in the C, and CM version, negated that option.  My best amp on the speakers (804B) were the VTL 120 monoblocks in triode – awesome!  

The C was a xover upgrade.  The CM was the change to the metal tweeter (the ubiquitous VIFA at the time).  Ron Nelson is retired in Portland, OR, but may still be fiddling with audio.  Bill Reed went back into the military electronics sector.

Steve Marsh


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I would like to add additional info on other Nelson Reed speakers. Send me an email if you can help out.

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Nelson Reed speaker brochure

Nelson Reed vintage speakers from 1980's include the 804, 802, 502, 602, 1204, 1201, 1202 models. These are also called Nelson Reed 8-04, NR 8-02, NR 5-02, NR 6-02, NR 1204 subwoofer, 1201 subwoofer, 1202 subwoofer.

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